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Preferred Vendors and Links

St. Croix Rods - Best Rods on earth.

Maui Jim Sunglasses - Call the sales department and have them customize a pair of glasses that will allow you to see what I see. There is a whole other world 8 feet under those waves!!! These guys know how to make sunglasses that really work! I have tried them all and have 12 pairs of other brands hanging on the back of my fishing room. The only one I use is Maui Jim!!!

Tampa Fishing Outfitters - Make sure you stop by and see Don and he will take care of all your fishing needs. Knoledgeable and friendly people who have all the gear you need. Tell them I sent you!

YETI Coolers - Tundra Series. I break things. If a product can not stand up to my use, there is no room on my boat. This cooler is exactly what you need on your boat personally and professionally.

Quantum Fishing - Cabo PTS is gasketed and almost bullet proof! I have fished all sorts of set ups and this is as good as it gets. Even after being dunked directly in salt water. Customer service is stellar!

Gause built boats - Manufacturer and provider of the highest quality boats and materials that anyone can ask for.

Power-Pole - Total boat control! – The best automated anchor system for shallow water fishing anywhere in the world.

Central Marine Service - These guys have top quality “YAMAHA CERTIFIED” technicians to work on your boat motor.

Gandy Bait – Bill has supplied me with the best gear for the past 10 years. Open all hours and always with a smile!

Tides – You can look at the tides in a manageable format.

Owens & Sons Marine, Inc. –The best and most honest trailer place in Tampa/St. Pete

Star date - You can look at the moon phase to schedule your next trip.

Weather – This will help you to prepare for your trip, sun, clouds, drizzle etc.

Captain Mel - Florida Fishing Online – Without his knowledge I would be on dry land!

Bobs Machine - If you ever loose a Skeg or need Low Water Pick-Up on your engine, give these guys a call first!

Discount Props - If you hit your propeller and need it fixed quickly, give Bob Muscleman at Admiral C&B Propeller a call.

Tampa Port Hotels - The Channelside Entertainment Complex and the Florida Aquarium are nearby while The Eagles and Vinoy golf courses are 15 and 20 miles away respectively.

E-SeaRider Beanbag - Very safe Bean Bags. Waterproof and Colorful. Emergency use as well!

Quality T-Tops - The best tower and aluminum accessory maker in west central Florida.