I got the call from a local guy saying that he had been out hundreds of times to catch a redfish and could never do it!  so I took the challenge.  Went to my first spot and all I got was a 36 inch snook.  Not what he wanted but it was his biggest ever. 

A quick call for a tour happened after a trip that I won the tournament!  We hit the long bar stip, then the weedon island strip and 4th street flat!  The sun lasted for 3 hours and all of a sudden all heck broke loose!  Dukes was in order so they got a couple of

Captains Journal: It again was a tough start!  We could see the fish and I assume they could see me too!  Todd got a good snook right off the bat!  Then we got one and two nice fat redfish which were over slot!  Then we moved and moved but nothing.  Finally I tried one last

Bull Sharks in Tampa Bay

Thursday, 11 April 2013 by

     Bull Sharks! Captains Journal: Clients sent me a ton of pictures.  So you definitely want to see more and click on the gallery.  Great times!  Bent rods all around! Enjoy your days on the water!

  Ric took me out a few times and we really whipped up on the fish over a few days.  He even got his grand kids on the fish.  Good times! Dave

Dear Dave, Sorry to take so long to get this to you. I just wanted to tell you that we all had a great time. You taught Cheryl and me a tremendous amount about Kingfish fishing in a very short time. It was amazing that for 3 days you were able to keep putting us

Spanish Mackerel, sharks etc… 11/14/2012 Captains Journal: Went out with the kids and Ric.  We got into a bunch of nice spanish mackerel.  Some Black Tip Shark, lost a bunch of fish but we had a blast.  Bait situation was pretty tough but Capt. George Jonah helped out and we were on our way!  Great

Tampa King Fish Charters

Monday, 12 November 2012 by

King Fish Bite is HOT! 11/12/2012 Captains Journal: Went out and busted up at least 30 mackerel and a bunch of king fish.  Great day for the family and sometimes it can be better for your family!!! Enjoy your days on the water as you really never know what is going to happen! capt. Dave