A couple of clients all got together and we went out and had a great time!   The redfish bite was really slow.  But the shark were cooperating, so were the snapper and flounder!  They went home with a bunch of bags of fish!  Jack crevalle, small trout and stingray.. the really  big ones rounded out

Got to love getting tarpon on the line.  We have been hooking and landing one or two per trip.  Tons of shark and Mackerel with cobia coming into the mix.  Big Jack Crevalle as well!   This one we got to the boat!  I love these fish but they sure are rough on the clients!  You

  Ric took me out a few times and we really whipped up on the fish over a few days.  He even got his grand kids on the fish.  Good times! Dave

We got on the big trout, jacks, ladies and catfish…?  Well we got a couple mackerel biting off our lines but we ran up north and got into log jams of snook.  We boated two.  Lost three.  But mostly staring at log jams of tarpon, huge snook and trout.  Beautiful night time breeze.  High pressure