Captain Dave, Thank you for making our fishing day the best ever. We had a great time and appreciated your instruction as we learned the good fishing tips you gave us. I en-closed this group shot for your site and have put your charter info on facebook. In addition first mate Rob was the best.

Hi David! I had such a good time fishing with you on my birthday that I thought I would go again! ūüôā BUT, this is a special trip for a special friend with special needs. My friend, Phyllis, has Lupus and is near the end of her life. This shallow water trip would be the

A couple of clients all got together and we went out and had a great time!   The redfish bite was really slow.  But the shark were cooperating, so were the snapper and flounder!  They went home with a bunch of bags of fish!  Jack crevalle, small trout and stingray.. the really  big ones rounded out

  These clients took me out and I noticed no one had blown up a pretty popular spot.¬† We know exactly how to hit it so first cast!! Blamo!! 36 in snook.¬† Next cast.. 29 in redfish.¬†¬† Another 26 in red fish and then another 24 in redfish.¬† Time to go!¬† Went out and tangled

Happy St. Patricks Day 3/17/2013 Captains Journal  :   This weekend was great! We went through 120 shrimp cut in half and got a fish on almost every single bait. Look at those silver dollars!!! Great battle and nice time on the water! 4 guys went out and we were worried earlier in the week about

JAIL BREAK Рwith a few flounder, reds and trout 3/12/2013 Captains Journal: Capt Dave- We had a blast. The plan was dependent all along on the wind and weather and everything ended up exactly right. When we do this again you are definitely the one we;ll call. Thanks again for everything Aaron Jail Break!!! 

It went down to 47 degrees and we were hunting for something big enough to put a hurt on us.  We tried a island and nothing going it was too early in the tide.  We went back in and found the man made stuff!  OH MY!! giant snook with high pressure 20+knt winds, no tide

  The day started slow.. We hit two spots that were producing large redfish and no one was home!¬† Went south and hit a hole full of snapper, redfish, flounder..big flounder, and trout.¬† All we needed was a grouper and we got that for a 5 species slam!¬† Boom we were done!¬† Got it and

Pick up out of the Vinoy on a very windy day but launched out of the west side and got the bait quick loaded up and ready to go.  Whooped up on the reds, mackerel, trout and lady fish this day.  Smacked some small mangrove snapper!  Got busted badly by an enormous snook on a