As a fishing guide full time in Tampa Florida I fish all year round. 365 Days per year through all sorts of weather and situations.   Great days all the way around!  Snook Trout Redfish, Mackerel Sharks Grouper Tuna Flounder Kingfish, Tarpon, Permit, Pompano, Cobia, Big Sharks and all sorts.  I even got sailfish in the

The fishing in the flats and around Tampa Bay has been spectacular!  Tides have been great and even in the wind we are still producing extremely well and to my standard!   Clients are happy and repeats are keeping the game strong!   Make it happen and have a good time!  Thanks for coming out!  

Fishing has been epic in Tampa Florida!  I get calls people asking can I catch shark and I say sure!  Hammer Head sharks, Bull Sharks, Black Tip, Bonnet and Spinner sharks.  These are large fish!   Done!   Can we catch Tarpon….No I would not guarantee it but we have been jumping them!   Check out the smile

We have been doing reel well on the snook, trout, flounder, snapper, redfish, mackerel, and sheepshead.    The weather is getting way cooler and the fish are moving into their winter habitats.   Great concentrations are hanging on the mangrove edges and we have fun snatching them out of their home for a visit.    Doubles

Flounder can be big but they are infrequent.   Some of them eat large baits!   Trout snappper grouper and black sea bass are good to eat and great fun!  While you are catching them you get your shots at Mackerel, shark and cobia and a infrequent tarpon! Shark are by far the stellar part

Flats bay and nearshore fishing has been pretty intense!   it was warm and the snook redfish and trout were eating just about everything.  Then the winds picked up it went from 87 degrees down to 37 degrees with 30knt winds.   I mean we still caught the fish with positive anglers thinking we can

When you go fishing you have to be flexible. If it is too cold the bite can shut down in one place but heat up in another. When later in the day the place where you thought they would not be is hot enough that the shallow fish start eating. IT all works out the

We got into a school of these fish inn ultra clear water in 6-7 foot waves in a 2-3 feet of water.  Does not make sense right!   Well I can tell you it happened!   These fish put a 250 lb guy sittig down after 6 of them!   I reeled in one and it almost made me

Kids Fishing in Tampa Bay

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  Small Red Grouper, Gag Grouper, Sheep Head, Snapper, Grunts and Spot Tails   As long as the action is good the kids love it out there. Make sure your days count out there! Capt. Dave