January Fishing Tampa Bay on Charter is GREAT!

This is a picture of me that the client wanted after we had a epic bite on snapper, small grouper, sheepshead, key west grunts, blue fish, lady fish, SPotted sea trout and pompano.

We just had fun fishing the flats and bays of Tampa Florida so I just obliged and why not!  It was fun for sure!

Meanwhile I got my new yeti coolers for the boat.  And my sponsor Maui Jim Sunglasses sent me a sticker to make it look real nice!  I can not see without them on the water so the fish


Snapper have been good to great!   Limits are being had regularly!

A mixed bag fishing in St Petersburg florida can be a good dinner for sure!   Clients like species and species they can eat!  I call it species for the spices!

Just look at that 4 lb black sea bass too!   White White meat!! YUM!

Same with the pompano which quite frankly are very large! The most expensive fish in the ocean and the best tasting too!

Bachelor Party Sheepshead killing!  The big dogs too!

And like I would ever do this again in 5 feet of water!  A Grey Trigger fish!  They are protected right now but just a real odd catch for sure!   Make it great out there and have a good day!