Tampa Bay City Giant Jack Crevalle All Day Long

by / Wednesday, 10 December 2014 / Published in Cobia, Jack Crevalle, Kids Fishing, Pompano, Snapper, Spotted Sea Trout

So we went out and the guys did not know what to expect but they did know they wanted to catch fish! So did I! It was cold and rainy but I explained that is the best time to go fishing! I call it stitching the day! little did I know that they wanted to go quite possibly more than I did! Cool thing is this was Grandfather Father and Son fishing! They were from California and here on a football championship tournament! Pretty cool and if this young man is anything like how most young men act today then we as a society are in great shape! We had triple hook ups all day long. Lost one Cobia! Got some Huge old jack crevalle with snapper and ladyfish. We went to another spot and got tons of silver trout and spotted sea trout. More ladyfish came to the boat! We only got two pompano but they are tasty as can be! We cut up the fish and we went our ways! I always look forward to meeting my clients again! Make it a great day out there! Sincerely Captain Dave!