Tampa Fishing Flats, Bay and Nearshore Kingfish, Mackerel, Shark, Bonita and Flats Species all in the same day!   Great fishing for snook redfish trout and smaller species.  Not to say that these fish are not big!  That is simply not the case.  I am getting slot slams which is the 3 main species targeted in

It has been hot and the fishing and the Flats Slams are in full swing even in the cruddy weather!   It usually clears up by the end of the day and everyone has a ton of fun!  I call it stitching the day!   A day when most go home or stay on the couch.  We

Snook, Redfish, Giant Trout with a heck of a slam! Over 85 inches. Fishing is Excellent!

32.75 inch slot Snook, Snook, Snook, Snook, SLOB SNOOK!!!! missed a few big girls! Then we went on to catch more double header snook and reds! Trout did not cooperate at all! you can see them but they just would not bite! So we caught more snook!

We had 5 clients come out. Two dads and three sons. Everyone caught fish! The first cast was a lost cobia. A few casts later we got stripped again! Big! Just a monster and lost it! The mood on the boat was not perfect and I really wanted that fish back! But we kept going!

These guys got a ton of fish! We whooped em up! We had a 8 foot bull whack or 4-5 lb jack crevalle right at the boat! Real good time for sure!

So we went out and the guys did not know what to expect but they did know they wanted to catch fish! So did I! It was cold and rainy but I explained that is the best time to go fishing! I call it stitching the day! little did I know that they wanted to

WE got Cobia Pompano Permit Jack Crevalle Shark and all sorts of other fish. WE even hooked a tarpon! really Cool trip and these guys had a blast! I did too! Enjoy and give me a call if you want to get out and go fishing! 813-758-3406