MONSTER SNOOKS!  oh yeah!   He was a wounded warrior and his buddy was over in Afghanistan just a month before.  We won the largest Mackerel and Largest Snook!   That is pretty good for a tournament!  So that is the way it is in the life of a full time fishing guide.  I hope he remembers

Got to love getting tarpon on the line.  We have been hooking and landing one or two per trip.  Tons of shark and Mackerel with cobia coming into the mix.  Big Jack Crevalle as well!   This one we got to the boat!  I love these fish but they sure are rough on the clients!  You

We got our share this day! Got to make the most of these tasty creatures!  I love them fried or on the grill.  I am going to have some lobster tails and redfish tonight!  YUMMMM!!!

Dear Dave, Sorry to take so long to get this to you. I just wanted to tell you that we all had a great time. You taught Cheryl and me a tremendous amount about Kingfish fishing in a very short time. It was amazing that for 3 days you were able to keep putting us

JAIL BREAK – with a few flounder, reds and trout 3/12/2013 Captains Journal: Capt Dave- We had a blast. The plan was dependent all along on the wind and weather and everything ended up exactly right. When we do this again you are definitely the one we;ll call. Thanks again for everything Aaron Jail Break!!! 

Pick up out of the Vinoy on a very windy day but launched out of the west side and got the bait quick loaded up and ready to go.  Whooped up on the reds, mackerel, trout and lady fish this day.  Smacked some small mangrove snapper!  Got busted badly by an enormous snook on a


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Set of two for the hard to reach places.  I love messing with people telling them they are voice activated!  These things hold my boat in place! Love em!!!