These guys came down from somewhere in the mid to upper negative 12 degree range.   This was not perfect weather but they got some really nice fish!  I was happy, they were happy and the food was awesome at least that was what they said!    To Quote the client “We made pigs of ourselves and

These two clients came out of down town Tampa Florida to go fishing and it could not have been a better time!  They were getting pompano, sharks and mackerel.  Great day all around.  They went home with the fish too!  I get jealous when they get all that great pompano to go home with

Great time on the water catching and this is about as good as it gets!  We have been coming home with our limits of these fish and too much to eat for the client.  I have been sending them over to my favorite island restaurant so they can get that fish cooked right after they

I have know my client for a while and we went out and got into 7 cobia!   7 Pompano, Sharks all you want and mackerel everywhere!   Great day all around and the way to stitch the day on the water! Enjoy the salt air and cool temps as they will not last long!! Dave

The clients wanted to do a near shore trip and I advised against it and promised they would not be upset about my decision.   I was lucky enough to have recommended a great hotel with a awesome concierge and he took care of them too!   The client showed up on time, we had our bait

    13 COBia. A bunch of pompano, 4-5 lb mackerel a couple off them.  Bull shark, black tip, Scalloped Hammerhead the biggest I have ever seen,   10- 12 lb jacks doubles and triples.  The biggest catfish I have ever seen- 6 lbs+.  A bunch of snapper.  And I am probably missing something but well

Happy St. Patricks Day 3/17/2013 Captains Journal  :   This weekend was great! We went through 120 shrimp cut in half and got a fish on almost every single bait. Look at those silver dollars!!! Great battle and nice time on the water! 4 guys went out and we were worried earlier in the week about

Fishing in Tampa Bay

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Not all fishing excursions work out perfectly!  Sometimes it is cold, rainy and windy.  These things happen and it happens sometimes with my best clients!  I can not control the weather but I will try my best to get you on the fish if you have to go!  Some holes will produce one day, then

SILVER DOLLARS 3/12/2013 Captains Journal: This was a trip during one of the roughest days of the year.  Cold front came ripping through and I called the client out of respect and safety.  I called 3 times.  They wanted to go.  So we picked up and went south for a day of some warm water