Fishing Charters Tampa Florida October, November

Tampa Fishing is hot as it can be.   It has been hot and the fishing and the Flats Slams are in full swing even in the cruddy windy weather!   It usually clears up by the end of the day and everyone has a ton of fun!  I call it stitching the day so make it happen with your family, friends or business partners!   A day when most go home or stay on the couch, We can go out and make it happen!   Snook Fishing is as good as it gets!  These are the fresh fish that are fat full of sardines shrimp and crabs.  Weedon island is a great place to start and avoid the popular places that the guides beat up every day.   Starting early helps this situation!  Putting on fresh flourocarbon leader and owner hooks is key to the success of my anglers!   The Redfish can be big to way HUGE and overslot for sure!  Plenty of slot fish for dinner or you can plan a lunch meeting at one of the local restaurants that cook fresh fish for $10.00 a plate!   Kids are very capable of doing all of this as well!  Some of these fish just take all our tackle and we never see them but if you play it right and listen to me you can be very happy for sure!  1. Point the tip of the rod at the bait!  2. if you get thumped reel!   3.  Lift the tip of the rod / do not set the hook!  4.  Reel!  Reel!  Reel!   These fish are fast and can circle around in a moments notice and spit the hook!   You have to keep the tip bent!   The snook can jump and break you off!   Just don’t pull back too hard on the rod!  The Trout up to 24 inch and redfish up to 40+ inch and Snook to 40 as well!   The snook have been very aggressive and the smaller ones are very frequent!  I know exactly where they live!   Call me to book your trip!  Winter Permit, Pompano, Cobia, Jack Crevalle, Shark, Snapper, Black Sea Bass and Sheepshead is almost here.  Thenimg_2676

This kids first red was 33.5 and 14lbs  Not a bad start for the young man who slammed a little bit later in the charter!


Big Jack Crevalle were under and around the boat.  This one fell for a pin fish!   Talk about a line burner!


Some times clients do not want to take home all the fish they catch and they just want enough for two people.   He wanted redfish stuffed with snapper filets!   Not a bad way to go fishing in tampa florida!


These guys had doubles of the big redfish!   Then the briggade of tournament fisherman came in .  We left and crushed the fish where there was no one!   So nice to know where the fish are!


Kids Catching Redfish snook and trout for the slam!   These are good clients of mine here in Tampa and they are local!  They really like the redfish and snook!   Great day on the water!

img_2750 img_2754 img_2757 img_2760

Not the biggest redfish but they were the ones they wanted to go home with!   Then we got into some bigger variety!  Like the one below this one!

img_2773 img_2776 img_2784 img_2817 img_2821 img_2823 img_2831 img_2869 img_2883 img_2903 img_2908 img_2909 img_2910 img_2913 img_2948 img_2953 Tarpon season!   It is shaping up to be a great year for sure!