Fishing has been epic in Tampa Florida!  I get calls people asking can I catch shark and I say sure!  Hammer Head sharks, Bull Sharks, Black Tip, Bonnet and Spinner sharks.  These are large fish!   Done!   Can we catch Tarpon….No I would not guarantee it but we have been jumping them!   Check out the smile

You just gotta love redfish snook and trout all day!  These guys did too!  Come out and fish until you are sore in the arm and gut!  These fish pull and pull and pull !  It is up to you to get them to the boat!

Great fishing in the Cold weather of December! Get your holiday fishing in the middle of the end of football season! Smooth out the blues so you slip seamlessly into Snook season this spring! Call when you can 813-758-3406 to book your next fishing trip! Enjoy your days on the water with your family, friends