Quick trip for some redfish! Captains Journal: I had a morning charter with a tournament so I opted for someone to come out and get a quick redfish bite!  We did not fail!  Crushed em! You always have to try to stich the day! Make the best of it!!! Captain Dave

5 redfish. 50-60 trout. 4 nice flounder sheephead.  Ladies etc!!! I would say it is a spectacular day!

I had the wounded warriors on the boat!  We got into the snook right away with a 33 incher to the boat!  It was not on the target species but it was good!  I got bait for 3 captains that day!  I was fishing near one of them when I saw a big red go

So it was lots of redfish, flounder sheephead mackerel lady fish trout and all sorts of fish.  The next time it was sheephead Gag grouper red grouper mackerel lady fish snapper and some we could not stop.   The next one we had tons of trout redfish sweet flounder sheephead and snapper.  Love this!!    

WINDY but great fishing Captains Journal: Back to 30 degrees tomorrow. Was so great to be on the water, and always nice to know we can count on you. Have a prosperous spring season. It was good fun and good fish!  Jacquie It is words like this that make me feel good! It is nice

I go out and get on a few rocks in Tampa with my jigs on and we whoop up on these tasty critters!   I love fishing for them as you get grouper, snapper, flounder, mackerel and permit all at the same time!   LOVE FISHING IN TAMPA BAY!!!!


Tuesday, 09 July 2013 by

Had a fun time today fishing with my son ,Russ, with Shallow Point Charters. Caught some big Red Fish and some sharks. Had a nice flounder on and missed it but then came back and took the bait again and I could see him and I missed him again. The fishing was really hot for

Bull Sharks in Tampa Bay

Thursday, 11 April 2013 by

     Bull Sharks! Captains Journal: Clients sent me a ton of pictures.  So you definitely want to see more and click on the gallery.  Great times!  Bent rods all around! Enjoy your days on the water!

Giant Trout and Redfish! 3/12/2013 Captains Journal: Boy oh boy have I gone through the ringer. I had hernia surgery thinking I had Lymphoma.  Things changed so much but some things stayed the same!   This trip we ripped the lips of some giant trout and some hard fighting Redfish!  Good times in some rough weather

JAIL BREAK – with a few flounder, reds and trout 3/12/2013 Captains Journal: Capt Dave- We had a blast. The plan was dependent all along on the wind and weather and everything ended up exactly right. When we do this again you are definitely the one we;ll call. Thanks again for everything Aaron Jail Break!!!