How would you like to go out and limit out on redfish then go get mackerel and some snapper and maybe a slot snook! If that sounds good call me and we will do our best to make it happen!

These kids came out fishing with their parents and had a blast.  We recorded the first cast redfish on light tackle and this is what we got!   love it when we do exactly what I say we are going to do!   It feels really good!!!

We clobbered the redfish snapper and trout this day!   Great family from France and we tussled with some really large snook as well!   Great day all around!

Initially we wanted to go out and get into shark.  That plan came to a screeching halt when the wind started blowing 25 knts.   I consulted the client and told him about the situation and he understood!   We hammered the big redfish all day!   I love it when you can make a change and make

You have to love it when a plan comes together!   Got our slot limit redfish then went on to hammer the 34-36 inch bohemeths!!!  Fat old redfish sight casting with tails in the air!  Great time all around!

  I think the pictures speak for themselves!  I have video and this kid (father and Son) were happy as all get out!

These guys came down from somewhere in the mid to upper negative 12 degree range.   This was not perfect weather but they got some really nice fish!  I was happy, they were happy and the food was awesome at least that was what they said!    To Quote the client “We made pigs of ourselves and

I have been on a roll and the fish have been willing and able to provide a ton of fun!   We drop the baits and they eat!  The key is to set the hook and reel!   Which is soo much fun!  I actually have a hard time not getting in on the action!   Enjoy the