It has been transition and transition cold warm hot windy rainy and the fishing has been stellar!   Tampa Fishing Charters and Guide Service Catching Reds, Snook, Trout, Tarpon, Cobia, Mackerel and Shark.  We have been really consistent on all species the only one the last two days has not jumped on the hook is a

It has been hot and the fishing and the Flats Slams are in full swing even in the cruddy weather!   It usually clears up by the end of the day and everyone has a ton of fun!  I call it stitching the day!   A day when most go home or stay on the couch.  We

This months Report:  Fishing The Flats Bay and Nearshore waters has been real good on the incoming tide.  Not so much on the dead low when there is negative water. It is very hard to get to the fish and they are really spooky!   But give them some fresh moving water and some live frisky

Triple Trout over 23 inches to 27 on one cast!  I know you don’t believe it but it is true!   I have video go to youtube and search David N. Beede Jr, Shallow Point Fishing Charters or Shallow Point Charters and you will see.   Awesome fishing Limited out in the first 30 minutes of getting

A friend of mine got in touch and wanted to book two dates.   We went and crushed the reds and snapper.  We got a great bite both days.   I love it when a plan comes together.   More importantly I decided that this is my full time job.  My profession and when I get confirmation from

IF you like catching now is the time to do it!   I have been pretty busy so that works out catching snook, redfish, trout,

The big guy did it and caught the heck out of redfish, snook and trout! We got into the mackerel thick! Some real big ones for sure 4-5 lbs. Heck of a trip!

We were catching small cobia with pompano in the morning. We went and got flounder snapper and sheepshead with some black drum. Great day of fishing all around. This is what you get in a day while fishing and catching. We went through 220 shrimp in less then 3 hours. Full Tilt Fishing with triple

If it is windy I still Like Fishing Too! These Taste Great for Dinner! 813-758-3406″ Girls Like Fishing Too! These Taste Great for Dinner! 813-758-3406

The fish were all over! We lost one big one with a whip of the line and a set hook that just made a loud bang noise but our fishing we do not have to do that too much! So with a little learning and a little bit of patience we slammed the fish big