We clobbered them this day! You have to take advantage when you can to get yourself some of these fish for sure!

THese fish were complete bruisers! We wore him out 1/2 hour at a time. 13-15lb fish on 20lb test We got about 10 of them and we were done! Sighting these fish casting and getting double hook ups left and right! some of these fish steam you to your backing and you have to chase

We were sight casting Jack Crevalle and Permit as well as Pompano. Great day all around! Love this vocation! make it a great day in Tampa Bay Florida fishing with Shallow Point Fishing Charters and Dave Beede

These two were worried we would not get any good fish! Well lets say there are not many trips that you get this kind of action! It was kind of funny that people were just motoring by me and we were clobbering the fish! One guy stopped looked anchored and tried to fish. We boated

You would never think you or a 11 year old kid would be able to do this anywhere when it is blowing 20knts and 40 degrees but these guys showed up on time and we crushed it! Great day for sure! I call it stitching the day! The kids busted up some mammoth jack crevalle

you have to love the steam the 12 lb jack have to bruise the tackle. You basically have to wait them out so they give up.

This day we had a bunch of guys on the boat and we killed the fish! Nice permit to 10 lbs and pompano that were huge! These guys got to eat a ton of fish this day and that made their trip for sure!

We were catching small cobia with pompano in the morning. We went and got flounder snapper and sheepshead with some black drum. Great day of fishing all around. This is what you get in a day while fishing and catching. We went through 220 shrimp in less then 3 hours. Full Tilt Fishing with triple

Not sure how many times this happens but it happened for 2 weeks about 7 trips and it was literally unbelievable! Seeing 90-300lb bull shark with black tip shark come skyrocketing out of the water for a lure! I lost 5 of them and I have one left. I need to order more and right

The day was on. 20 knt winds and fly fishing! Well we did not even break out bait. We busted up the fish on fly all day. We casted We Rolled on the reds but they moved like champs. Did I say it was a little windy! LOL!