Not sure more words are needed after these pictures.  Call me and I will let you know what you can expect out on a 1/2 day trip or the nearshore fishing options.  Thanks for visiting!   Fishing is Awesome!!  Remember this is all I do like you have a full time job this is my

I got the call and went out. I was going to do a buddy a favor. Man I was primed to get onto the fish. I knew that in the next few moments the fishing was going to go off the hook. First bait in the water was a top slot 27 inch fatty redfish.

My client called and accepted the challenge of getting a slot snook, slot redfish, and slot trout in one outing.  We whooped up on the redfish snook trout shark and all sorts of fish all day!   Great day for sure!  The kids even got in on the action big time!   Come fishing

Sometimes I have a day that is combat fishing.   I do not attend church regularly but firmly believe in a higher being.   I spend most of my time on the water wondering how the natural world is so perfect!   Well this day we found out how perfect it is!  We hit the spot at the

Videos are out on on one of my channels.  Take a look at uncut catching action!

This little girl got blasted and held onto the rod while dad helped her get it out of the mangroves multiple times!   What a blast on a real quiet flat for sure!