It has been transition and transition cold warm hot windy rainy and the fishing has been stellar!   Tampa Fishing Charters and Guide Service Catching Reds, Snook, Trout, Tarpon, Cobia, Mackerel and Shark.  We have been really consistent on all species the only one the last two days has not jumped on the hook is a

You have to be where the fish are to catch the fish for sure!  Good times and great rod bending action!  Call to book your trip and we will enjoy the natural beauty of Tampa Bay and catch fish!

Videos are out on on one of my channels.  Take a look at uncut catching action!

32.75 inch slot Snook, Snook, Snook, Snook, SLOB SNOOK!!!! missed a few big girls! Then we went on to catch more double header snook and reds! Trout did not cooperate at all! you can see them but they just would not bite! So we caught more snook!

We busted up some pompano, Sheepshead, Seabass, Snapper and Cobia! We then switched up and hit some nice bull shark and black tip shark. After that we did some 50-80lb tarpon! Good day all around and that is why I love what I am doing!

These guys got a ton of fish! We whooped em up! We had a 8 foot bull whack or 4-5 lb jack crevalle right at the boat! Real good time for sure!

Tournaments and charter fishing go hand in hand! I do the best I can and will do what I know works. Sometimes that can mean a little bit unconventional fishing tactics! It gets the job done and we can do real well but these guys did great! Thanks for coming out!