We have been doing reel well on the snook, trout, flounder, snapper, redfish, mackerel, and sheepshead.    The weather is getting way cooler and the fish are moving into their winter habitats.   Great concentrations are hanging on the mangrove edges and we have fun snatching them out of their home for a visit.    Doubles

A friend of mine got in touch and wanted to book two dates.   We went and crushed the reds and snapper.  We got a great bite both days.   I love it when a plan comes together.   More importantly I decided that this is my full time job.  My profession and when I get confirmation from

Videos are out on Youtube.com on one of my channels.  Take a look at uncut catching action!

This little girl got blasted and held onto the rod while dad helped her get it out of the mangroves multiple times!   What a blast on a real quiet flat for sure!

Fishing is good. So good that if you come fishing more than likely you are going to come back out very soon! Well I hope you are good to go and your reeling arm is ready!

Snook, Redfish, Giant Trout with a heck of a slam! Over 85 inches. Fishing is Excellent!

We had 5 clients come out. Two dads and three sons. Everyone caught fish! The first cast was a lost cobia. A few casts later we got stripped again! Big! Just a monster and lost it! The mood on the boat was not perfect and I really wanted that fish back! But we kept going!

These guys got a ton of fish! We whooped em up! We had a 8 foot bull whack or 4-5 lb jack crevalle right at the boat! Real good time for sure!

Went back out after a trip! I owed some of my buddies something to eat so I did just that! We got a bunch of pompano and Jack Crevalle to smoke for fish dip! I love fishing. Not just owning a boat and running a business! I love fishing! Not the grind of cleaning and

As fishing goes this went from 0-70 in 5 minutes.  The bite did not happen till the very end of the trip!   Who woulda thunk it!  We did not give up and the photos are there to prove it!