Fishing in Tampa Florida is great!!! Reds Pompano, Shark, Jack Crevalle. Call when you can to book as February March and April are booking up quick Family Fishing in Tampa Florida call 813-758-3406″ Family Fishing in Tampa Florida call 813-758-3406 Flats Fishing in Tampa Florida is great!!! Reds Pompano, Shark, Jack Crevalle. Call when you

We busted up some pompano, Sheepshead, Seabass, Snapper and Cobia! We then switched up and hit some nice bull shark and black tip shark. After that we did some 50-80lb tarpon! Good day all around and that is why I love what I am doing!

A good trip with Large Cobia Jack Crevalle and Pompano. It was warm and the fishing was Hot!

These guys got a ton of fish! We whooped em up! We had a 8 foot bull whack or 4-5 lb jack crevalle right at the boat! Real good time for sure!

So we went out and the guys did not know what to expect but they did know they wanted to catch fish! So did I! It was cold and rainy but I explained that is the best time to go fishing! I call it stitching the day! little did I know that they wanted to

Again if you are a coach and you have family that wants to catch fish! Give me a call and I will make it happen! Sometimes I get to a spot and see something out of the ordinary! I can get excited at times I think you know that but when it all comes together

We got into a school of these fish inn ultra clear water in 6-7 foot waves in a 2-3 feet of water.  Does not make sense right!   Well I can tell you it happened!   These fish put a 250 lb guy sittig down after 6 of them!   I reeled in one and it almost made me

This was one of those days where we got great fish!     For whatever reason the client tried to set the hook on a circle hook as if the cobia was going west but the fish had circled around and under the boat wrapping the anchor line and was actually going east!  So imagine that

GIANT mackerel

Monday, 03 March 2014 by

We got into the mackerel black tip bull sharks and hammer heads.  The jack crevalle are everywhere along with the smaller snapper and lady fish!   Good times all around!

I have know my client for a while and we went out and got into 7 cobia!   7 Pompano, Sharks all you want and mackerel everywhere!   Great day all around and the way to stitch the day on the water! Enjoy the salt air and cool temps as they will not last long!! Dave