The clients wanted to do a near shore trip and I advised against it and promised they would not be upset about my decision.   I was lucky enough to have recommended a great hotel with a awesome concierge and he took care of them too!   The client showed up on time, we had our bait

    13 COBia. A bunch of pompano, 4-5 lb mackerel a couple off them.  Bull shark, black tip, Scalloped Hammerhead the biggest I have ever seen,   10- 12 lb jacks doubles and triples.  The biggest catfish I have ever seen- 6 lbs+.  A bunch of snapper.  And I am probably missing something but well

I had the wounded warriors on the boat!  We got into the snook right away with a 33 incher to the boat!  It was not on the target species but it was good!  I got bait for 3 captains that day!  I was fishing near one of them when I saw a big red go

Hi David! I had such a good time fishing with you on my birthday that I thought I would go again! 🙂 BUT, this is a special trip for a special friend with special needs. My friend, Phyllis, has Lupus and is near the end of her life. This shallow water trip would be the

Fishing in Tampa Bay

Tuesday, 12 March 2013 by

Not all fishing excursions work out perfectly!  Sometimes it is cold, rainy and windy.  These things happen and it happens sometimes with my best clients!  I can not control the weather but I will try my best to get you on the fish if you have to go!  Some holes will produce one day, then