IF you like catching now is the time to do it!   I have been pretty busy so that works out catching snook, redfish, trout,

Huge Snook, Redfish and Trout are almost guaranteed!  All you have to do is Reel, keep the tip up ad DO NOT SET THE HOOK!!  lol!!!

Fishing is good. So good that if you come fishing more than likely you are going to come back out very soon! Well I hope you are good to go and your reeling arm is ready!

Wait, Wait, Patient, Quiet…. BLAMMO  All the rods get hit and we got our limit of giant redfish!  Great day for sure!

We clobbered them this day! You have to take advantage when you can to get yourself some of these fish for sure!

These two were worried we would not get any good fish! Well lets say there are not many trips that you get this kind of action! It was kind of funny that people were just motoring by me and we were clobbering the fish! One guy stopped looked anchored and tried to fish. We boated

We were catching small cobia with pompano in the morning. We went and got flounder snapper and sheepshead with some black drum. Great day of fishing all around. This is what you get in a day while fishing and catching. We went through 220 shrimp in less then 3 hours. Full Tilt Fishing with triple

Not sure how many times this happens but it happened for 2 weeks about 7 trips and it was literally unbelievable! Seeing 90-300lb bull shark with black tip shark come skyrocketing out of the water for a lure! I lost 5 of them and I have one left. I need to order more and right

We blew up the bull shark and one point had 4 different shark on one cast and then boated the last one. I know, I know… Bull right! Top water in the cold before the rain no way. Well I can tell you that I have the phone number of the clients and if you

Good day with good guys for sure! We had some fun and really made it happen! That is what I love and I have a feeling that there are people out there that share my love of fishing and catching all day long!