Lets just say fishing is going to get better to the point where the water cools down these fish are going to go berzerk!   Flats fishing for redfish snook and trout.  Beating the bushes and out in the middle flats we can get mackerel and snapper along with more trout bluefish and big jack

Won two division top slot slams for Snook, Redfish and Trout for the Johnny Ferlita Pediatric Cancer Tournament.   The Woman and Kid division were my clients winning.  They got some cool hardware! Shallow water fishing at its finest.  Slams, Slot fish, etc..   Reds, Snook, Trout,Tarpon, Shark, Mackerel, Cobia, and more.  

It has been transition and transition cold warm hot windy rainy and the fishing has been stellar!   Tampa Fishing Charters and Guide Service Catching Reds, Snook, Trout, Tarpon, Cobia, Mackerel and Shark.  We have been really consistent on all species the only one the last two days has not jumped on the hook is a

It has been hot and the fishing and the Flats Slams are in full swing even in the cruddy weather!   It usually clears up by the end of the day and everyone has a ton of fun!  I call it stitching the day!   A day when most go home or stay on the couch.  We

I had a bunch of guys on the boat and was real happy to have had them for sure!   We got redfish all we wanted.  Snook and Giant trout!   We had a bunch of little trout and some more smaller snook.  The redfish really took the show for sure!   We got some mackerel as well

You have to be where the fish are to catch the fish for sure!  Good times and great rod bending action!  Call to book your trip and we will enjoy the natural beauty of Tampa Bay and catch fish!

We went out and it was late buy we avoided the rain! We got loads of fish to the boat! The kids on the boat got a ton of fish! They were completely satisfied! We just really did well! Slams in the boat all around with more fresh fish for dinner! It is a great

Tournaments and charter fishing go hand in hand! I do the best I can and will do what I know works. Sometimes that can mean a little bit unconventional fishing tactics! It gets the job done and we can do real well but these guys did great! Thanks for coming out!

SKANSKA can fish! That is all I am going to say! Officially we got a Quadruple hook up and landed all 4 of them! I have to say that is pretty cool! So come fishing and see how many you can land in a fishing firedrill like I get!?

This was a great day but we had boats all over us so we moved and caught more fish!   We did alright though!