A friend of mine got in touch and wanted to book two dates.   We went and crushed the reds and snapper.  We got a great bite both days.   I love it when a plan comes together.   More importantly I decided that this is my full time job.  My profession and when I get confirmation from

The tide was right for tailing reds and we were staring at them all day and they were eating the bait all day!  Good times for sure!

We went to one flat and the mullet guys were running the flat.  We went to another and the mullet guys were circling up my fish.   We went to the last flat and we found nirvana!   giant fish all over the place!   This one was 34.  Nice fat plump redfish.  We got snook trout and

We got a bunch of fish in the morning then went hunting.  We lost quite a few to the bushes but got a bunch of slot and over slot fish!   not a bad way to start and end the day for sure!

Father and son fishing at its best!   I love it when they come in as a 0 and end up at a professional level.  The child in this photo was a 10 to start and finished the same way!  Dad was having him touch his fishing pole just to get a bite!  This kind of

Videos are out on Youtube.com on one of my channels.  Take a look at uncut catching action!

This little girl got blasted and held onto the rod while dad helped her get it out of the mangroves multiple times!   What a blast on a real quiet flat for sure!

We whacked the Redfish all day long!   These fish were slot and we got a few over as well!  Snook and trout rounded out the mix!

Red, Red, Red, Red, Redfish!   And more!   When they decide to bite it is on!   Just be ready to hold the rod and do not let go!

IF you like catching now is the time to do it!   I have been pretty busy so that works out catching snook, redfish, trout,