Father and son fishing at its best!   I love it when they come in as a 0 and end up at a professional level.  The child in this photo was a 10 to start and finished the same way!  Dad was having him touch his fishing pole just to get a bite!  This kind of

Videos are out on Youtube.com on one of my channels.  Take a look at uncut catching action!

Tarpon, Snapper, Shark, Grouper all in the same place!  GREAT fishing for sure!!!!

Red, Red, Red, Red, Redfish!   And more!   When they decide to bite it is on!   Just be ready to hold the rod and do not let go!

IF you like catching now is the time to do it!   I have been pretty busy so that works out catching snook, redfish, trout,

Huge Snook, Redfish and Trout are almost guaranteed!  All you have to do is Reel, keep the tip up ad DO NOT SET THE HOOK!!  lol!!!

Fishing is good. So good that if you come fishing more than likely you are going to come back out very soon! Well I hope you are good to go and your reeling arm is ready!

I am not sure if it is luck or skill. These guys got on the boat and had a 94.5 inch slam within a hour! Just enormous fish for sure! Great day all around! They had never been fishing like this before and somehow managed this! Go figure! Nice Yankees Hat!

The idea was to get a few for the table. I think we got some and then some! We were letting fish go that could have gone home! Big fish for sure! I like that!!!

We set out to slam! 94 inches was the max. Big fat old redfish, snook and really fat trout! Enjoy your days on the water! Slot Slams for everyone is a distinct possibility!